Learn Air Brushing from Pamela Shanteau

n addition to producing incredible works of custom airbrushed art for her clients, Pamela is incredibly passionate about teaching the next generation of aspiring airbrush artists about her craft. She has taught classes and seminars around the world, and has worked with students perfecting their technique and expanding their artistic imagination.

Pamela has authored several books on airbrush art and technique, including “The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook” for Watson-Guptill Publishing. It is recognized as one of the best resources for current airbrush techniques. Her second book “Custom Automotive and Motorcycle Airbrushing 101” for Anest-Iwata. It shares advanced automotive airbrushing techniques for the airbrush artist. Both titles are sold in bookstores worldwide and online through this website. In order to have your copy signed, please visit our contact page.

In addition to classes, seminars and her books, Pamela has been an integral part of expanding awareness and appreciation for airbrush artistry. A How-To Automotive Airbrushing DVD series starring Pamela instructs on everything from shop/studio set-up to advanced airbrush technique has become a staple for many students and teachers of the craft. And, in 2008, film maker Tom Zapiecki shot a documentary about Pamela and the world of Custom Airbrushing. ‘A Dot – A Line and a Fade’ follows Pamela for a season of airbrushing adventures as she practices her art in the studio and on the road.

Pamela continues to offer classes as an instructor with Ultimate Air Affair and seminars in airbrushing technique, and spends time on the road each year at events, conferences and conventions reaching out to her fans and to the aspiring airbrush artists around America.