Pamela Shanteau: American Airbrushing

Molded from humble Midwestern beginnings and transformed into one of the most respected and recognizable female artists in airbrushing, Pamela Shanteau has created, characterized and helped bring dreams to life through her talent for decades. Her airbrushing talents and experiences have impressed thousands of students, fans and art critics around the world. Her automotive and motorcycle airbrushing, fine art, body art, fantasy art, commercial illustration and airbrush instruction are renowned, and she continues to produce exceptional works of fine and commercial using her unique airbrush techniques.

Steeped in the fantasy and science fiction genres that appealed to her creativity as a young artist, she has continued to hone the craft of airbrushing, bringing to life narratives from cultures and traditions throughout history. From traditional Native American symbolism to Tolkien’s fierce dragons and everything in between, Pamela has created truly memorable works to adorn her customer’s motorcycles, cars, walls, bodies and more.

You’ll recognize Pamela’s artwork from features within Trade Magazines such as: Airbrush Magazine, Easy Rider, Ridin’ On, Hot Bike Bagger, Iron Horse, Thunder Roads, Auto Graphics and Hot Rod. In 2006 Iwata (acclaimed manufacturer of Airbrushes and materials) showcased her artwork on a calendar. Pamela’s work has also been published on several Signature Harley Davidson calendars, and she has provided illustrations for many fantasy role playing companies, book covers and trading card games throughout her early career.

Although her recent focus has been on motorcycle and car artistry, Pamela also produces murals, fine art and airbrushing teaching materials for students and aspiring artists.

“The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook” is recognized as one of the best resources for current airbrush techniques, and her second book “Custom Automotive and Motorcycle Airbrushing 101” shares advanced automotive airbrushing techniques for the airbrush artist.

Pamela’s hope is to pass on the knowledge and experience that over nearly 40 years of airbrush art and commercial experience has taught her to the next generation of America’s next top airbrush artists.