Welcome to Airbrushing by Pamela Shanteau


Air Illusions is the personal studio of Pamela Shanteau, world renowned Airbrush artist and educator. With nearly 40 years of experience creating breathtaking works of art, Pamela has pushed the boundaries of what can be done with an airbrush and an imagination. From customized motorcycles and automotive art, to sweeping fantasy murals and beautiful portraiture, Pamela has made the impossible come to life over and over again.

Her painstaking attention to detail and use of rich colors, combined with her background in both classical fantasy and traditional Native American motifs, has allowed her to create breathtaking works of art on a number of different surfaces. She now specializes in customized airbrush art for motorcycles, automobiles and related accessories. Her airbrush artistry has been recognized for its use of color, precision and the visual depth she creates within each piece.

Hot Rods and Motorcycles airbrushed by Pamela have been featured in the finest publications in the world. Her airbrushing has been seen in dozens of magazines including Easy Riders, Hot Bike Bagger, Iron Horse, Auto Graphics and Hot Rod. Iwata airbrush and BASF paint have also featured Pamela and her airbrush art, recognizing her as one of the top custom airbrush artists in the world.

In addition to creating original airbrush art for clients, Pamela is also extremely passionate about teaching the craft of airbrushing to the next generation of aspiring artists. She has taught thousands of students in her studio, and has authored several award winning books, including her most recent book “Custom Automotive and Motorcycle Airbrushing 101” shares advanced automotive airbrushing techniques for the airbrush artist.